This Amazing Dog Noticed Something Was Wrong, What It Did Next Saved A Baby’s Life…

Six years ago, the Brousseau family adopted their dog Duke from an animal shelter. Little did they know that the animal would pay them back for his rescue in such a dramatic way.

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It was a normal night for the Brousseau family. Their baby was sound asleep and they were ready for bed themselves.

But then Duke did something extraordinary and completely out of character.

He jumped onto the bed and started violently shaking. Usually such an obedient dog, the owners new that something was wrong. Duke never acted like this.

Because of Duke, the mother decided to go check on her baby and what she found made her call 911.

Their baby was not breathing. Duke had known something was wrong and notified the owners and when he did, he saved the baby’s life.

The baby girl was rushed to the hospital and fortunately is now completely healthy. If it wasn’t for Duke, she might have died. Thank God for dogs like Duke!

Duke was a Godsend to the Brousseau family. If they hadn’t adopted him from the rescue shelter, he wouldn’t have been there to save their little girl’s life. They are so grateful for their ‘good dog.’

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This Amazing Dog Noticed Something Was Wrong, What It Did Next Saved A Baby\'s Life...