Animal shelter gets late-night visit and it’s a face they’re happy to see

Home is where the heart is,” they often say. This age-old wisdom reminds us that no matter where we find ourselves, it’s our emotional ties that guide us back to our roots. In my days as a veterinarian, I’ve often witnessed the extraordinary intelligence and emotional depth animals have, which humans sometimes underestimate. One particular story comes to mind, echoing that of Bailey, a remarkable dog from El Paso, Texas.

Bailey was a resident at the Animal Rescue League of El Paso for quite a while. Although loved by staff and volunteers, finding her a forever home was a challenge. She was a large dog, you see, and big dogs often get overlooked compared to their smaller counterparts. Kind-hearted and cuddly, Bailey was the life of the shelter. Finally, Bailey was adopted and it seemed like her story had reached a happy end.

But life sometimes takes unexpected turns. While adjusting to her new home, Bailey got spooked one day during a walk and dashed away from her owner. A social media plea went out for her return. Days went by, and reports came in that Bailey was sighted closer and closer to her former home, the Animal Rescue League of El Paso.

One fateful night, around 1:30 a.m., the shelter’s camera system buzzed with a notification. Staff members turned on the microphone and called out, “Bailey!” And there she was, front and center, on the camera. A two-day, ten-mile journey had led her back to her first home. The shelter staff rushed to bring her inside, giving her the food, water, and rest she so dearly needed.

Now, Bailey’s tale doesn’t just highlight her intelligence; it speaks volumes about the emotional bonds animals form. Despite her new loving home, the shelter was still a place of comfort and familiarity. Perhaps it was there she felt safe, or perhaps it was there she knew she’d find the faces she had grown to trust. But her new owner, rest assured, was never far from her heart. Bailey was happily returned to him, a reunion that was as touching as her incredible journey.

While Bailey’s story has a happy ending, let’s not forget the countless other animals waiting for their forever homes. If you’re contemplating adding a furry friend to your family, I’d strongly urge you to consider adoption. It’s not just a loving act but also a statement that you value all lives, regardless of their size or age.

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Animal shelter gets late-night visit and it’s a face they’re happy to see