Attentive Bulldog Watches “Quarantine” During Quarantine

Throughout the first several months of 2020, several people are quarantined inside due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, a movie surfaced on video streaming platforms called Quarantine, which quickly caught the attention of the public.

It’s not just humans that are glued to the screen watching this flick, an adorable bulldog named Khaleesi can’t get enough of it. She’s sat on the edge of her seat on the bed as the movie plays on the television.

Khaleesi and her brother Elvis have a big following online and are known for watching movies with as much excitement as a studio audience. While Elvis couldn’t handle the content in the movie Quarantine, the owners did say he’ll be watching Garfield soon.

There’s no better time than now to snuggle up with your canine friends and watch your favorite movie. We’re hoping Khaleesi joins Elvis for their next film, and their owner catches all of the entertaining bits for us to see.

The majority of people spent a couple of months during the start of 2020 quarantined in their homes. One dog owner gets creative by putting on the movie “Quarantine” for her lovable bulldog to watch. #Bulldog #Quarantine #Dogs #Khaleesi