The Expression On This Girl’s Face When She Reunites With Her Missing Cat Is Raw And Beautiful

The Expression On This Girl's Face When She Reunites With Her Missing Cat Is Raw And Beautiful

This is a nice story about a family that had a little kitten. The Arnold family already lived with this cat before little Claudia was born. And since this happened, the kitten took his role of big brother very seriously, protecting and caring for the little girl at every moment of the day without rest.

The baby and the kitten were inseparable friends until the cat disappeared from home long ago without leaving any clue of its whereabouts. When the kitten disappeared, his family put posters with their photo around the place where they lived, they searched incessantly everywhere, in the park, around the house, but never appeared, even made posts on Pinterest to try to find his whereabouts, but nothing worked.

The little girl never forgot her kitty, and sometimes she remembered him, crying. Whenever this happened, the mother would re-post the lost kitten’s information on social networks to try to find it. The last time was different, though; someone who worked in a shelter thought he had seen the kitten.

When they arrived at the shelter, the response of this girl to see her kitten is priceless. When this little girl sees her cat again, her face lights up with happiness again. She was very happy and ran out to hug her kitten. She ran and shouted, “That’s my kitten, Cur.”

When Cursor returned home, there was already a new member of the family, but the kitten has adapted very well to the family. Kara then thanked everyone who helped her share information and locate her pet. This family will be grateful forever for helping them to find their pet.

It’s amazing to see how kids can remember their pets no matter how long they’ve been apart. It is definitely a relationship of love and friendship. Watch the touching video below and see the smile on the face of this precious little girl when she is reunited with her cat.

The Expression On This Girl\'s Face When She Reunites With Her Missing Cat Is Raw And Beautiful