Beloved Chihuahua Cedric spreads joy with enchanting fan mail moments

Cedric, the adorable tiny chihuahua, is back to make you smile. It is mail day, and the weather outside is beautiful as Cedric walks along on the sidewalk and checks out the sights, smells, and sounds of the world around him. They get to the mailbox and see they have a lot of mail. So much mail, and little Cedric is delighted! Cedric torts along happily all the way home, so excited to open his mail.

It is so funny and cute when Cedric misses a step and trips a little! “I’m ok, Mom!” he says afterward. He is so excited about his mail that he can hardly contain himself! The first letter has a drawing of Cedric, and it is adorable! It looks precisely like Cedric with his little tongue sticking out! Cedric’s mom reads the letter, and he loves it!

Whenever his mom reads a card or a letter, Cedric says thank you by putting his paw on her hand. He is so precious! Cedric gets another drawing of himself and could not be more pleased! Cedric receives so many letters and gifts; seeing how many people love him is fantastic! One of Cedric’s fans took a watercolor painting class and captured Cedric perfectly in a portrait!

We find out that Cedric’s full name is Angel Hope Cedric! So cute! Cedric never fails to deliver joy to our hearts! The last gift is a little bow tie made of diamonds! Cedric will look so fancy for Lou! So adorable! Cedric is such a sweet baby boy! Watch this video to feel warm and fuzzy! Cedric is the best!

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Beloved Chihuahua Cedric spreads joy with enchanting fan mail moments