Delightful cat named “Meatball” sends joy vibes everywhere he goes

If you have a cat, you understand the power of their awesomeness. This video features a cat named Meatball, nicknamed “Beefy,” who is super clingy and super cute. He grabs his human, Candace, when he goes to kiss her affectionately. He seems to be smiling as he is kissing her! He enjoys it when a lot is happening, and he loves people. Beefy is living his best life with his mom and loves trotting out and about with her!

Candace, an animal rescuer, says that Beefy loves being around people and does not mind wearing a leash, which is fitting because he is very dog-like. He looks so adorable when she puts a cat cape on him! “The more he goes places, the happier he is!” He brings so much happiness to everyone he meets! He is so precious, wagging his little tail when people say hi to him!

When they go through the drive through a McDonald’s, the workers recognize Candace’s car, and they all get so excited to see Beefy. He is so bright because he knows when they are at McDonald’s, and he loves the attention. He is so kind and gentle with kids, as they are all clamoring to touch him! He is like an emotional support animal and therapy cat in one!

Meatball would make the “purrfect” therapy cat for those sick in the hospital, or he could even go to schools and bring light and love to all the children! Beef is such an amazing little lovebug and a heart-rendering creature! If you have a cat, watching this video will make you want to adventure with your furry feline! Watch this video because you can never have enough cuteness!

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