Blinded, Alone & Afraid, Tiny Kitten’s Life Is Transformed By Rescuer

A kitten with a severe eye infection was discovered meowing for help on the side of the street, abandoned and alone. The poor sickly kitty was discovered and rescued by a caring soul, and the story that unfolds will melt your heart.

From the moment that the blinded, sick kitten was picked up, it was as if the little one knew she was finally safe. With her vision threatened and health shabby, the rescue came at a pivotal time transforming the tiny cat into a happy, healthy, and loved creature.

After treatment and lots of love, the antibiotic eye drops have started working, allowing the playful kitten who was soon named Pisscun to see again. Her eyes have opened partially, and she’s well on her way to good health.

Stoyan and Dessey are two Bulgarian rescuers who are not a part of any organization, shelter, or formal rescue effort – they’re just a couple with big hearts who do everything that they can to provide for stray cats. This kitten found a wonderful new home with these two.

Blinded, Alone & Afraid, Tiny Kitten\'s Life Is Transformed By Rescuer