This Anxious Jack Russell’s Day Will Help You Understand Your Pooch

Buzzfeed & Puppy Chow’s commercial depicting when you have an anxious puppy is one of the most adorable puppy clips ever. That Jack Russell couldn’t be cuter.

Anxiety is a very real problem, but we often overlook just how serious it is for our puppies and dogs when they’re left to think for themselves. Puppy Chow & Buzzfeed remind you just how comforting a good bowl of food can be in this adorable ad.

While some dogs are naturally carefree, as most puppies as, this little old man is far more careful than he needs to be. The puppy takes life very seriously, but the thoughts of an anxious dog couldn’t be better voiced.

Every moment of the stage, from waking to bed is shown in full detail, with the adorable one’s adventures guaranteed to bring a lasting smile to your face. What a memorable animal ad.

This Anxious Jack Russell\'s Day Will Help You Understand Your Pooch