Bold Parrot Escapes Home, Chats His Way Back Home

Imagine the distress of losing your beloved animal companion, only for them to “talk their way” back into your life. Unravel the remarkable tale of Tiki, the Solomon Islands Eclectus parrot who embarked on an adventure far from home, as documented in an enthralling video.

Brent Chadwell and Laura Romero, residents of Cape Coral, Florida, were the proud owners of Tiki, an endearing parrot. Tiki had been a part of their family since infancy, and he charmed them daily with his friendliness and delightful chatter.

On one fateful day, while Laura cleaned their home, Tiki’s cage was inadvertently left open. As she swept the outdoor deck, the alluring call of the open door proved too tempting for Tiki, who seized the opportunity to explore the world beyond.

For three agonizing days, Brent and Laura searched high and low, fearing that Tiki’s innocent nature might lead him into the jaws of danger. Their desperate pleas for help echoed through social media and their local community.

But as fate would have it, Tiki was closer than they imagined. Reed Schweizer and his family were enjoying Easter Sunday dinner when they suddenly heard the parrot’s distinct voice. Astonished by the talking bird, Reed’s veterinarian sister snapped a photo of Tiki and shared it online.

Overjoyed by the discovery, Brent wept upon seeing the photo of Tiki, knowing their reunion was imminent. Within 15 minutes, the family was reunited, and Brent offered words of encouragement to others facing the loss of a pet: never give up, and keep searching.

Witness the heartwarming story of Tiki’s incredible journey in the video below. You’ll surely want to share and pin this miraculous tale because it’s a testament to the unbreakable bond between humans and their animal companions.

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Bold Parrot Escapes Home, Chats His Way Back Home