Cat Vs. Treadmill Is The Battle You’ll Want To Watch Over & Over Again

Indy, the ginger cat, has one adversary, and the size or strangeness makes no difference to this brave kitty. Yet, courage isn’t all this feline has at his disposal. Ingenuity and determination are proven a little later.

Watch as Indy the adorable ginger cat stalks a giant, mechanical foe – the home treadmill. If you think it’s funny when he’s going in for the approach, just wait until you see Indy figuring out what his enemy actually is. Now that’s a reason to get a treadmill.

With the help of a ball and some ingenuity from mom, this kitty learns how the belt works after much trial and error. When the belt prevents a nap, Indy gets even smart.

There’s no limit to the creative wits of this driven cat. Indy is adorable, and by the end of this video, he has made friends with his arch-nemesis.

Cat Vs. Treadmill Is The Battle You\'ll Want To Watch Over & Over Again