Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson Has Done It Again… Her Take On ‘Teenage Hussies’ Is? HILARIOUS!

Comedy that comes from the home is, in my opinion, the funniest there is. When someone tells a great story about their husband or wife, or their kids or in-laws, it not only makes me laugh, but it warms my heart. Plus, there’s so much material to be found in having kids! It seems like every minute they’re doing something else that gets a giggle, or an out and out guffaw!

Jeanne Robertson is known for this kind of humor, which she presents with a warm heart. She’s not the type to go in for underhanded jokes or malice, paling herself a humorist as opposed to the more classic label, comedian. “The humorist weaves the longer stories with a point,’ she says. ‘We don’t go ‘after’ anybody. I’m telling my life.” And her life, as she presents it, is an absolute riot! Robertson splits her time between her comedy, inspirational speaking, and her time in the Toastmasters, an organization that hosts clubs worldwide, designed to help people improve their public speaking and leadership skills.

Even though she’s very accomplished in other areas, her comedy is still my favorite part of her career. In the video above, Robertson starts telling a story about her son, Beaver, when he was sixteen. He sounds like a bit of troublemaker from the way she puts it, and he spent most of his teenaged years being grounded for one mistake or another. At one point, Roberston says, he was complimented on have a very ‘well-grounded’ personlaity, to which she ocould only laugh and heartily agree.

Of course Beaver, being a teenaged boy, staged a daring escape while his parents were downstairs having dinner with guests. What happens next? You’ll have to check out this sidesplitting video to find out!

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Christian Comedian Jeanne Robertson Has Done It Again... Her Take On \'Teenage Hussies\' Is? HILARIOUS!