Cow and puppy duo are reunited after a long time apart

The cuteness level is off the charts with this cow and puppy duo. They have been fast friends, and couldn’t wait to relive the good old days.

The best present ever for a dog is to have a friend that he can depend on for life. For this cute Shiba Inu, that friend turned out to be a cow. The unlikely friendship came to everyone’s surprise, and blossomed into a special connection.

Throughout the day, the duo was inseparable. They played constantly, with the cow being careful not to hurt the young pup. The size difference didn’t matter, and neither did the species difference.

One day, the puppy had to be separated from his best cow friend. It was temporary, but the cries from the puppy were hard to take. He cried real tears as he was pulled away from the only friend he knew since birth.

Those same tears turned to happiness when he was reunited a short time later. They went right back to cuddling, as if their bond could never be broken.

The relationship between this Shiba Inu and cow is one of a kind. It just goes to show that a lasting connection is about trust more than anything else. As they get older, you can expect their memories of one another will continue to be pleasant.

Cow and puppy duo are reunited after a long time apart