‘Stayin’ Alive’ is the perfect theme for these rescued animals

In this hilarious video, rescued animals are happy animals. With their own theme for dancing, everyone can share in their joy.

Have you ever wondered about the mood of an animal after they’re rescued? This video is a great example of their appreciation, and a good excuse to play ‘Stayin’ Alive’. Naturally, a cat starts off the video with some smooth steps.

Right after is a chicken, a kangaroo, and then a dog. It’s a truly random spectacle, but truly heartwarming when you consider their stories.

Thousands of animals are without homes. Shelters and sanctuaries help animals restart life anew. It is a delicate process that requires empathy, and lots of love and care.

This video is a beautiful way to say thank you to the many hard sanctuary workers around the world. Its sweetness is exactly what you would expect from animals that are friends for life.

A video this heartwarming may inspire you to adopt a pet. But even if you can’t, take the time to stop by and show them some love. After all, there is nothing more uplifting than getting attention from someone that cares.

‘Stayin’ Alive’ is the perfect theme for these rescued animals