Dachshund Charms the World with Potter-Inspired Tricks

Hold onto your wands, folks! What if I told you that a spellbinding video is casting a wave of enchantment across the internet? That’s right, a die-hard Harry Potter fan has made wizardry come to life by teaching her furry friend to respond to magical spells from the beloved series. Trust me, you’ll want to see this!

Meet Anna Brisbin, a talented voiceover actress and the wizarding mind behind the Brizzy Voices. Upon adopting a two-month-old puppy in May 2018, Brisbin, being a Potterhead, decided to name her precious pet Remus in honor of Remus Lupin, the werewolf professor from the series. But the connection didn’t stop there.

Embracing her passion for all things Harry Potter, Brisbin chose to train Remus using spells from the series as commands, ditching the traditional “sit” and “stay” for a touch of magic. With a flick of a plastic wand and a well-timed “Avada Kedavra,” Remus adorably plays dead like a true wizard’s pup!

The charming video, which has amassed over a million views since January, showcases Remus’ magical abilities as he performs a range of tricks in response to iconic spells like “Wingardium Leviosa” and “Accio.” Even the most mundane tasks, like turning on a light or opening a door, become extraordinary through the power of “Lumos” and “Alohomora.”

Brisbin credits her success to patience, treats, and positive reinforcement, proving that you don’t need a Hogwarts education to train a magical pup. Instead of clicker training, she uses the word “Yes” to guide Remus through his enchanting journey.

While the video seems touched by magic, Brisbin assures that it’s all about using the same dog obedience training techniques anyone can master. The key is replacing the traditional commands with more enchanting words and ensuring the process remains enjoyable for the trainer and the canine wizard.

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Dachshund Charms the World with Potter-Inspired Tricks