This Adorable Puppy Gets Peanut Butter For The First Time And She Is Overwhelmed With Excitement

Puppies are something else. They are so small and so furry, doing everything so adorably well. Babies, puppies, all miniature baby versions of our furry or furless friends tend to be quite irresistible. Most of the time we give in to their cuteness, they are just being themselves. Man, do we love them so much for that.

The beginning of any story that starts with some fluffy or tiny friend usually leads to an explosion of cuteness. The reaction is there; it always will be. If I had a dog like this, I would have to stock up on as much peanut butter as I could!

Thanks to technology, we such a variety of ways to share moments of our lives live if we feel like it. As I find myself amazed many times over by the fabulous nature of this- no more waiting to see an adorable friend. Just jump into the net! There are so many instances of greatness and furred fantasies that you’ll be beside yourself. I know I certainly couldn’t get over him!

Dad decides that it must be the time for a cuteness overload. His small puppy really seems adamant about dad sharing the peanut butter. And for a good reason! Our bandana clad pup is unable to contain her excitement. The texture of the peanut butter, creamy with bits of a crunch, peanuts smashed up into the smooth mixture. I certainly think he likes it! Too cute!