Dad Found Torn Up Sheets In His Bed Room. Where The Guilty Dog Was Hiding? Hilarious!

Dogs are deemed to be man’s best friend and there are many videos in the internet to prove this fact. Dogs are always ready to put their lives on line to save their human friends. They are even very gentle around little human babies and always trying to protect them.

However, there are also times when these dogs make a lot of mess around the house leaving their owners frustrated. But no one can stay mad for longer whenever they see the guilty and adorable faces of these dogs.

This video below features a dog who won dad’s heart in an instance through her guilty expression. Dad came home only to find torn up sheet on his bed. He was frustrated and knew who was responsible. But when he went to search for the culprit, he found his dog Berlin hiding in a most hilarious place and looking as guilty as possible.

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