Dog Begs Cat To Give His Toy Back And It Is Hilarious To Watch

For the most part, cats and dogs actually get along quite well once they are used to one another. Just check out the cat that gives his dog massages, or the cat and dog duo that work as a team to do wily things like sneak out of the house together.

But just like human siblings, cat and dog siblings have their moments of fighting, bickering, and even teasing one another. Every once in a while, cats decide they want to be in charge and whether they are younger or older doesn’t seem to matter! I think we all know that once a cat makes up his mind, there is no changing it and no training them to do anything differently.

Like the cat that made sure the dog got a proper walk each day, this cat decides it’s his responsibility to teach the dog manners, making him ask politely and then beg to be able to play with his favorite toy. The cat took the toy, without permission of course, and has now decided to use it to teach his doggy sibling some manners.

The only problem? After all that begging and pleading, the cat still never gave in! I knew it would end this way because, well, he’s a cat! Why is so charming to us when they just do what they want even though we don’t want them to do it?

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Dog Begs Cat To Give His Toy Back And It Is Hilarious To Watch