This Little Boy Has His Own Special ‘Nurse’ When He Isn’t Feeling Well

When it comes to love and loyalty, you won’t find a more kind-hearted animal than a dog. The loving dog this video is no exception to the rule.


This very loyal pooch is very worried about his sick little buddy. The child, who isn’t feeling well, was sitting on the sofa watching cartoons when the dog noticed the little guy wasn’t feeling his best.

Mom doesn’t need to worry that her little man isn’t comfortable. His canine buddy has it all worked out – cuddling and protecting him while he rests. The boy and his dog are clearly the best of friends.

This is a beautiful video that will make every mom and dog lover smile. That dog really loves his little brother.

We hope you enjoyed the video above. Our pets and animals bring constant joy to our lives and always bring a smile.

This Little Boy Has His Own Special \'Nurse\' When He Isn\'t Feeling Well