Baby Dolphin Needed Help & This DOG Jumped To The Rescue! Unbelievable!"

For a baby dolphin washed up on shore, a hero comes in the form of a spaniel named Leia. Leia’s owner explained that he was taking pictures of the beautiful scenery when he heard his dog barking down the beach, trying to catch his attention.

Then Leia’s human ran to her side and saw the little dolphin stuck on the bed of rocks. He quickly sprang into action, nudging and dragging the dolphin into a deeper part of the water.

After battling a series of heavy waves the baby dolphin finally made it back safely into the ocean. If it wasn’t for Leia’s amazing instincts and good heart, then Criccieth Beach, Wales would be short one cute dolphin. It seems like this is a story about an individual who was in the right place, at the right time!