When Dad Dresses Up As His Dog’s Favorite Toy Hilarity Ensues

When Dad Dresses Up As His Dog's Favorite Toy Hilarity Ensues

So many children dream of meeting their super-hero idols. They may not always be super-heroes, though. They could be their favorite character from a show (what is the latest favorite show, Paw Patrol?). This is partly why going to theme parks can be so magical for children. The video we have for you today, though, is about a dog who gets to meet his favorite character in a spectacular way.

The scene opens with Jolene, a Golden Retriever, relaxing contentedly on her doggy bed with her favorite toy in her mouth. All of a sudden, she hears a strange noise, and whatever or whoever perpetrating the intrusion begins walking toward the living room where Jolene is. Jolene looks up, seeing the intruder, and her next expression is utterly priceless.

Jolene stands up, almost in slow-motion. She can hardly believe it. Right in front of her is the real-life version of her favorite toy. No, really. It is. She isn’t sure, and slowly starts walking towards the green ‘monster.’ Then she actually smiles and jumps up to hug the giant green monster.

Now, the monster is clearly dad who is dressed up in the costume, but honestly, the look on Jolene’s face is spectacular. Her joy is indescribable. She even pushes her brother away at one point, making sure she is the only one hugging and cuddling the monster she has now pinned on the ground.

Mom is giggling through the film, and I have to say, I was too. This is such a cute clip. Mom and dad clearly adore this pooch and knew this would get a reaction – and boy did it. Don’t miss Jolene in this video below. You could almost see a speech bubble – ‘so the legends are true.’

When Dad Dresses Up As His Dog\'s Favorite Toy Hilarity Ensues