She’s Barking Enough To Startle The Whole Airport. You’ll See She Had A Good Reason For It.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love reunion videos. Can’t get enough of them. No, I’m not talking high school reunions. The videos I speak of are of people or animals who are getting back together after a long time apart. I find animals to be the most genuine when it comes to their reaction after seeing someone who’s been away for a long time. There’s the puzzlement for a second or two, like they are not sure it’s really true – then it’s off to the races. Like in this video.

A dog’s soldier dad has been on deployment for three years and is finally coming home. Another family member takes her to the airport lobby – and she’s just sniffing around, minding her own business when she hears something behind her.

She turns and sees her dad standing there. It takes a moment for it to sink in – and then she bounds up to him and starts jumping on him with joy. She’s a large dog, so she almost knocks him over in her glee. The rest of the airport lobby is looking on with smiles.

The reason I like it so much is that dogs are loyal, no matter the amount of time that’s passed. I had a dog growing up, but then I went away to college. When I saw her every few months, she acted so thrilled to see me. I stayed in the city where I went to college and the visits became less frequent, but always the same love. It was three years for this dog and she hadn’t forgotten how much she loved him.

Why this type of video always resonates is that while three years may not seem like a lot for a human, it not an insignificant amount for a dog, whose lifespan is much shorter. To try to put things in perspective, it was like one of us meeting up with someone after 15 or 20 years. Would we have the same reaction after missing that much of our lives? I hope so.

I had a tear in my eye after this and it wasn’t because I forgot to dust my place. How did you feel? Let us know!

She\'s Barking Enough To Startle The Whole Airport. You\'ll See She Had A Good Reason For It.