Dog tied to bridge almost gives up on life – then help arrives

Dog tied to bridge

Would you imagine spending a day without your feline friend, particularly when you are fully aware that they are not safe? Now imagine walking out of your doggy tied to a bridge railing where it will meet its death in any second.

Meet the feline friend who was left to struggle for her life after someone had tied a tight hose attached to a rope around her neck. The cruel fella then tied the rope to a bridge railing, leaving the dog in pain as she fought for life.

Despite the act of cruelty, the dog was lucky enough to get the attention of a passerby who called a local animal rescue center. A rescuer arrived at the scene quickly, carrying a package of medical supplies, treats, and a leash.

According to the rescuer, the scene was heartbreaking as he struggled to save the poor pup so tightly tied that he couldn’t lay her head or have a comfortable rest.

Even though the dog’s condition looked miserable, the rescuer’s presence was a clear indication that the heavens had extended a hand of mercy. The dog showed a lot of gratitude as the rescuer approached to save her from the hand of death.

The man was kind enough to untie the rope then removed the tubing from the dog’s neck. The dog looked happy as she got the chance to face life again.

The rescuer took some time to check whether the feline friend’s neck was okay, then gave her treat to a plate of dog meal and a great play moment in the grass.

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Dog tied to bridge almost gives up on life – then help arrives