Rescued Mama Dog’s Fur Was So Matted She Couldn’t Nurse Her Pups

Rescued Mama Dog's Fur Was So Matted She Couldn't Nurse Her Pups

A mother always cares about her children. Be it a human or an animal, a mother can’t help but get distressed when she is not with her children. This dog named Asha Attie in the video was also feeling anxiety when the rescuers had separated her from her pups for a short time.

Asha Attie was abandoned by the shelter while she was in labor. Fortunately, The Bill Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue organization based in Los Angeles stepped in to help her. When the rescuers found this dog, her fur was so matted that she was struggling to nurture her pups. Rescuers decided to shave her fur, to make it easier for her to feed her little ones, and this idea actually worked.

Watch this wonderful rescue in the video. This will definitely leave you with teary eyes!

Rescued Mama Dog\'s Fur Was So Matted She Couldn\'t Nurse Her Pups