Gentle Giant Draft Horse Shows Off His Majestic Power and Beauty

Horses are such majestic creatures. They’ve been our companions forever. We depend on them, love them, trust them. In return, they return that love and trust a thousandfold, helping us get done what needs to get done, for work and transportation. Without workhorses, civilization as we know it would be drastically different.

In this video, we get to see a breed of horse from the Brabant region in Belgium. These horses are known for being one of the strongest. Weighing in, on average, at two-thousand pounds and averaging five foot six inches tall! The draft horse is the perfect companion for farmers.

By pulling plows and other farming machinery, this breed has become invaluable to farmers. The calm and patient nature of these horses set them apart from the rest. The sheer size of this breed makes them a perfect choice for working.

In the video, we see how gentle the temperament of this horse is.  This beautiful horse’s behavior is a true testament to the owner/companion. Very well done, sir.

Some viewers said, “What a very good Belgian, you can see he loves his job!” Another said, “So cute! You can see he’s so eager to work and that he’s treated well!” These horses are gentle giants that we are very grateful to have.  You can see this horse loves his job!  I love seeing these guys having fun outside.

Gentle Giant Draft Horse Shows Off His Majestic Power and Beauty