Get serenaded by a parrot perfectly crooning George Harrison’s ‘My Sweet Lord’

Enter the mesmerizing world of Tico & The Man, an enchanting duo that reshapes our understanding of the singing bird. The Amazon Parrot loves to sing to the rhythmic strum of his guitarist dad, Frank Maglio.

Recently the cute bird is found humming to George Harrison’s, My Sweet Lord. His high-pitched, luminous whistles, enriched with a superb vibrato, are an auditory delight to every music lover.

Partnering with Tico in these musical endeavors is the talented Frank Maglio Jr., an adept guitarist whose tunes harmonize perfectly with Tico’s innovative melodies. The sight of Tico perched before Frank, humming along to the rhythm of his guitar, is a sight to behold.

What sets Tico apart is his ability to mimic tunes and his knack for improvisation. Tico is no ordinary parrot regurgitating taught tunes; he’s a genuine artist, crafting melodies that enthrall and captivate.

One cannot overlook the palpable joy and camaraderie between Tico and Frank. The sheer delight on Frank’s face as Tico hits each note complements the captivating performance of this unique duo.

Every day, countless followers eagerly anticipate the melodic renditions of Tico and Frank. Their expansive repertoire includes genres like rock, pop, and jazz classics, adding a captivating edge to their performances.

Witness the hypnotic world of Tico & The Man, where a humble parrot and an accomplished guitarist redefine musical boundaries. This striking duo beautifully blends the charm of animal companionship and the allure of music, transporting us into a harmonious world where every note is a tribute to nature’s grand orchestra.

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Get serenaded by a parrot perfectly crooning George Harrison\'s \'My Sweet Lord\'