Golden Retriever: “Come on, it’s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…”

Dogs are always eager to please. Cats are always eager to be pleased. Watch what happens when the two meet up over a cat-sized sleigh.

The animal kingdom is a study in survival of the fittest and maintaining your place in the food chain. Well, this cat and this dog throw that whole notion out for the sake of some winter fun.

The cat sits in a sleigh that is the perfect size for his spoiled self. The dog is much too happy to play the role of reindeer and chauffeur the feline around the frozen landscape.

It’s a warm moment we get to enjoy. The world may be losing its mind over things of no consequence, but over here there’s a cat and a dog-loving life in each other’s company.

It’s also a reminder of how much good there is built into the world, even on a natural level. Focusing on the good we encounter in daily life, and even on the internet, has a magnifying effect. The bad we deal with diminishes.

Maybe we could each stop and see how we can be like these two. Instead of feuding, find ways to help each other out and reasons to enjoy life together.


Golden Retriever: “Come on, it\'s lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you…”