Grandma Gets a Christmas Present With a Kitty Inside – But Wait, The Real Magic is Coming

A little girl might want a pony for Christmas, a little boy might wish for a dog. But it’s not just children who yearn for a pet, something precious to care for and love.

People of every generation treasure the companionship that a devoted pet will bring. Nothing beats the joy of sharing your life with that little furry bundle who returns your affection and depends on you.

Grandma Gets A Kitten for Christmas. In this heart-warming video, we see the joy of giving at its very best. Their beloved grandmother has a gentle and generous heart but they realize she needs something special of her own to share it with.

So, they decided to surprise her at Christmas, with the gift of a furry little friend and her reaction is precious. Fortunately, they caught these special moments on camera and shared the video for all of us to enjoy.

All decked out in her Christmas vest, Grandma accepts a thoughtful gift of slippers and then they pass her a Christmas gift box with a wonderful present inside. “Oh, it’s heavy,” she exclaims, quite excited, as she tentatively eases the lid off.

She jumps with surprise when a small, black kitty pops his dear little face out of the box. Then with a joyous smile, she reaches in to hug her gift, her very own kitten. Lost for words, she weeps tears of happiness.

“I’ve always wanted a…” she tries, choked for words.

“Oh, my darling,” she coos, gently stroking her new kitten. “Oh, my!”

The little cat relaxes on her lap, he looks perfectly content with his new mother and the family know for certain that this was the best gift they could ever have given their grandmother

To enjoy Grandma’s delightful reaction to her wonderful gift, be sure to watch the video.

Grandma Gets a Christmas Present With a Kitty Inside - But Wait, The Real Magic is Coming