Grandma Sheds Tears Of Happiness, Well Her Grandson Did Throw A Lovely Surprise For Her…

Surprises are always welcome and when they come on your birthday ” it becomes a day like no other. As we get older, sadly we tend to forget about celebrating birthdays and what David Goodlings did for his Nan really made her day ” and made mine, after I can wipe away the tears of happiness that are rolling down my cheeks.

First, this video needs a big fat AWWWW. Secondly, David Goodlings is such a sweetheart! I love what he planned out for his Nan’s big day. She had no clue about what was going to happen, that’s clear to see. And that’s what makes the surprise even more special! I love her reaction!

David seated his Nan in the car and from the camera’s position in the corner of the car’s windshield, we can see everything clearly. He switches on the radio ” as if looking for a good radio station to play some good music. Just when he selects a channel, his Nan hears all her loved ones send their good wishes over the radio. And this brings tears to her eyes!

You can hear a whole bunch of loved ones pass on their love to her on her birthday. Just when she thinks it’s over, he tells her he’s sorry he couldn’t get in touch with her brother who is in Australia, but he switches to another radio channel and she hears her brother sending a message on air! WOW!

Thanks to her grandson’s efforts and amazing editing, she got to have a birthday she will never forget! Now, aren’t you feeling sheepish about that sweater you got your gran last year? Come everyone, buck up.

Let’s decide that this year will be a year for change. Let the loved ones in your life know how much they matter to you. Gift them things you cherish or made or put effort into. Let’s put some thought behind our gifts and really make someone’s day! What do you think? Write in and let us know in the comments section below!

Grandma Sheds Tears Of Happiness, Well Her Grandson Did Throw A Lovely Surprise For Her...