Hidden camera captures a cat turning off his dad’s alarm clock

Aaron Brown wondered what his cat, Tormund, did while he slept, and the hidden camera caught Tormund turning off his alarm clock. He learned that he is quite a deep sleeper.

Tormund did a lot of things throughout the night, and Aaron wanted to see what he got up to. The camera was already there, and he simply had to record while he slept.

When Tormund was adopted, he was shy, but it didn’t take him long to open up. Apparently, Tormund can jump all over the bed and Aaron’s face without waking him up.

Aaron had an LED lamp that he turned off immediately like an alarm clock, and Tormund learned he could do the same with Aaron’s phone. As soon as Aaron’s phone lit up, Tormund hit the snooze button.

It was a problem if Aaron needed to wake up for work. Tormund had no sense of personal space or boundary. He was constantly on Aaron’s face and chest.

In the morning, when Aaron finally wakes up, he has to pull out the cat hair from his mouth. Tormund gets excited when he knows he’s about to get fed and starts clawing at Aaron’s feet.

Aaron is glad to have a great companion in Tormund. He knows that Tormund still has kitten energy and hopes he calms down as he gets older.

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Hidden camera captures a cat turning off his dad’s alarm clock