Horse family goes truck shopping

This family of tourists was trapped when a herd of horses blocked the road and some of them started putting their heads in the windows.

Animals can sometimes be a funny bunch. This family had an unforgettable encounter with a herd of horses that were more interested in the vehicle’s interior rather than its occupants.

This family is enjoying a drive along the country roads when an unexpected herd of horses has blocked the road and they had to stop abruptly.

The goofy and curious horses then proceed to pop their heads inside the vehicle paying little attention to its occupants. They seemed to be more interested in the vehicle’s interior design.

The horses seem to be so fascinated by the car’s design that they each take a turn to look inside. One would think they are interested in buying the vehicle.

The family which clearly seems to be enjoying all this attention from the horses breaks into a peal of contagious laughter. It’s not every day that you are held hostage by a beautiful ford of horses you know.

With over seventy-nine thousand views, most people can agree that this is one of those videos that leave you with a sheepish grin after watching them.

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Horse family goes truck shopping