This Horse Was Being Sold To Slaughter. This Rescue Group Stepped In

Horse slaughter is, unfortunately, still a highly profitable market. If horses can’t race or pull a plow, then they often times and up at the slaughterhouse. Slaughterhouses buy ‘unusable’ horses at public auctions and send them off to be slaughtered.

Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is often times the only thing that stands between these horses and death. These remarkable horses scrape together what money they can and go to those very same public auctions. There they bid against slaughterhouses and purchase the horses by bidding just above the meat price.

Then the horses are transported to this remarkable farm in Mount Airy, Maryland, where they can live their life surrounded by green pastures. Sometimes the horses need to be quarantined to ensure that they carry no illnesses into the herd, but after that, they allowed to run free as they might in the wild.

This group of heroes is surely worth our praise. What a wonderfully satisfying job it must be, saving these beautiful creatures.