This Hospital Room’s Hidden Cameras Catch This Nurse Bringing An Elderly Patient To Tears

Doctors and nurses are incredibly important. They help you get better when they can, and do their best to provide you with comfort and happiness in your last moments when they are unable to physically heal you. They do their very best to give you the best care possible. There are typical practices that most nurses follow, but sometimes they veer off the beaten path and get creative as a means of improving conditions for their patients.

Often considered an “angel sent from heaven,” Jared Axen looks after folks at the Valencia Hospital. While all nurses are angelic due to the care they provide, Jared is different from the rest. Chances are, you’ve never seen anyone quite like him! While he fulfills his duties and balances each of his responsibilities, he also takes things to the next level when caring for his patients.

While most nurses tend to their patients in more traditional ways, Jared’s method is quite unheard of. Using the healing power of music, he sings wonderful melodies to his patients to ease their suffering, attempting to connect to them on a more meaningful personal level. When they heard him singing classic Broadway hits and love songs, patients started requesting that he sing to them, and it became a part of Jared’s daily routine.

Now, Jared is known as “The Singing Nurse.” On his blog, he writes, “Hospice is not about giving up. It is about making those final months, weeks, days, and hours the most meaningful.” In the video featured below, he brings his elderly patient to tears with his incredible voice. You’re going to want to grab a box of tissues! Make sure you check out the video and leave your thoughts in the comment section below. Then, share this powerful story with your family and friends!

This Hospital Room\'s Hidden Cameras Catch This Nurse Bringing An Elderly Patient To Tears