This Great Pyrenees Spends His Days With The Elderly. What A Beautiful Job For This Beautiful Dog

This dog might weigh over 100 pounds, but he’s still one of the friendliest dogs you’ll ever see! Every time Winston the Great Pyrenees visits the elders living at C.C. Young, a retirement home in Dallas, Texas, he always draws a big smile on all of his audience’s faces.

Winston is an amazingly big dog, with a heart to match, and he’s become very popular amongst the elder folks because of his lovely calm personality. He was born in Colorado, and after his previous owner passed away, he was returned to the person who bred him. Eventually, he found his way into the heart of a Texan named Cliford Spohr, who kindly adopted him as an elderly dog to make sure he’d be happy.

Now, Spohr can take him to visit senior citizens residing in retirement homes to cheer them up. Winston visits people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease very often and being a professionally trained therapy dog, that’s just where he belongs.

Spohr is very proud of the work that he has been able to make with Winston, and he feels as if this little acts can represent a great change in the lives of the elders who enjoy his company. In the video below, you will witness Winston enjoying his time at a retirement home, and it will delight your heart.