Humane Society Workers Carried Hidden Cameras To Pet Stores. The Truth Will Disgust You.

When it comes to pet stores, the only reason I frequent them is to buy cat food. In the past, I once bought a betta fish and a gecko from one, but I could never get a dog or a cat from there. There are too many of them in shelters and it seems like these stores just use puppy mills to bring in their product. I hate to use that term for a living thing, but that’s what they are to the stores that sell them. This video highlights that terrible way of thinking.

The Humane Society in Virginia took a page from those investigative reports you see on the news or on certain reality shows. What they did was take a hidden camera to pet stores around the state and secretly recorded the lies that they were told about the puppies that the store was selling. Brace yourself – these people lie without compunction or even any thought of the doggies that they are selling.

What were some of the falsehoods that they spread to the would-be buyer? ‘Oh, we get them from reliable breeders.’ Puppy mills. ‘This dog has been seen by a vet and is in good shape.’ The poor thing had a respiratory condition that rendered him nearly unable to breathe. These store owners don’t see these dogs as living animals. They see them as walking dollar signs that they are trying to get out the door.

One worker was even blunt enough to say that part aloud. ‘You have to sell you soul if you want to make any money at this.’ Having a dog is supposed to help nurture your soul. They are there to be your companion. Selling your soul shouldn’t be part of it. That’s why, as I said in the beginning, it’s WAY better to get a dog from a shelter than at a pet store. I hope this video got more people to think about doing that.

Yes, some people might not like ‘gotcha’ videos like this, but things like this are happening all over the country. What did you think? Please leave a comment for us below. Also, it would be great if you ‘Like’ us on Pinterest.

Humane Society Workers Carried Hidden Cameras To Pet Stores. The Truth Will Disgust You.