Mother Husky Deals With Her Little Husky Puppies When They Fight Over Toy

When it comes to discipline, apparently dogs and humans aren’t much different. That is certainly proven here when the mother husky has to take matters into her own hands when her two puppies are fighting over the same toy.

How many times while growing up do kids get into a fight over wanting to play with the same toy but not share it? So, what is the mother’s usual reaction? Well, most parents take the toy and tell the kids if you can’t play nicely together then neither of you get to play with the toy.

We have seen this sort of thing with humans time and time again. But here we see pretty much the same scenario played out by a mother husky. [mashvideo]

Two of her puppies want to play with the same toy, but they don’t want to play together. They start getting into a fight over who gets the toy. In the true form of a parent, the mother husky gets up from where she was sitting and takes the toy from them both, more or less delivering the message that neither of them gets the ball if they can’t play nicely.

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