See inside “West Point for Puppies” training America’s K9 warriors

In San Antonio, Texas, there is a boot camp that specializes in training military dogs. They go through rigorous lessons in the Lackland Air Force Base to become K9 warriors.

One of the dogs from that facility was on the mission that helped take down the leader of ISIS. There are lots of cute pups roaming around, and even as adults, they may look adorable, but they are fierce.

The pups are as young as 7 weeks old when they first start their training. Every year they raise about 300 dogs, and these dogs train how to chase and takedown suspects.

They learn how to navigate through obstacles and difficult terrain. The dogs have to know how to go room by room, searching for suspects using their senses. It is not easy training, but they are very disciplined.

Not only are the dogs being trained, but their handlers are being trained as well. The K9 must follow commands in stressful and high-pressure situations.

Everyone there knows how important it is to function calmly and efficiently in the most dangerous conditions and environments. Military dogs learn how to always listen to their handler.

At the end of the day, their goal is to have dogs with complete discipline. The camp doesn’t only train dogs for the military. They also train them for the secret service, FBI, and other agencies all over.

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