K9 cowboys rounding up the herd

By simply obeying their owners, these four dogs carefully load the cattle into the trailer.

Dogs are well-known for their talented instincts and easy-to-train abilities. If you carefully train them, they can be helpful in almost all kinds of work.

The same is true for these four cattle dogs, namely Jet, Brodey, Bear, and Brick. By following the instruction of their master, these four dogs manage to safely guide the bulls inside the trailer like cowboys, er, cow dogs.

Having been raised in a ranch in Toppenish, Washington, Jet, Brodey, Bear, and Brick was trained to help their owner load the cattle.

Over time, they have mastered the process, and they’re indeed happy and proud whenever they get the job successfully done. The feeling is mutual with their master as this makes his work faster.

These K9 cowboys (and cowgirls) impress with their skill and intelligence. We can see that this dog trainer’s invested time and effort in handling the cattle eventually put in perfect practice. This video will amaze you as it did with its more than two million viewers.

For city folk who don’t understand, these dogs live for and love doing this work. It makes their day and they sleep well at night after doing a good day’s work.

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K9 cowboys rounding up the herd