Kind-hearted woman makes featherless bird feel like she can fly

Coco was a featherless bird taken in along with her friend Blue after their first home didn’t turn out so well. The stress brought about by cats caused Coco to lose her feathers.

At first, Coco was very anxious and shy in her new home. When she got the chance to recover and become comfortable, her true personality came out. She was quite the diva.

The woman taking care of Coco and Blue did everything she could to make them feel comfortable and safe. It worked out well because now Coco and Blue love to roam around the house.

Coco loves to perch on the woman’s finger and flap her wings, making her feel like she’s flying. Blue is always following Coco around. When they eat, Coco has to eat first because she doesn’t like sharing food.

It wasn’t simply stress that caused Coco to lose her feathers. After talking to a bird specialist, the woman discovered that Coco had psittacine beak and feather disease or PBFD.

PBFD causes birds to lose their feathers, and it did manifest in Coco due to the stress from the cats in her first home. Despite all that, Coco is sweet, happy, and lovable.

There is a bird heater just for Coco. She may not realize she’s naked, but Coco loves to snuggle up to the bird heater when she’s feeling cold. Coco is living in a home that is perfect for her.

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Kind-hearted woman makes featherless bird feel like she can fly