Little Girl Has Her Own Personal Lifeguard: A German Shepherd…

It’s no wonder that after domesticating dogs all those thousands of years ago, we’ve stuck with them. It’s impressive enough that dogs can do all sorts of practical tasks: herd sheep, guard people and places, sniff for contraband, rescue people buried under rubble, guide the blind, and even serve as highly effective therapy animals. But on top of all those abilities, dogs make for amazing pets. They’re loving, totally loyal, and will bravely defend their humans. Just having a dog curled up nearby can make you happy. They can also be a lot of fun, whether it’s about playing a special game or just doing something hilariously goofy.

But perhaps the most heartwarming thing dogs can do is strike up friendships with children. A child and a dog can each be a wonderful companion for the other, with the dog serving as both playmate and protector.

In the video posed below, you’ll meet a six year-old German shepherd named Max. He’s a big handsome fellow and he absolutely adores his little human friend. After a day of fun in the sun, Max and this little girl love nothing better than going for a swim. Dogs aren’t exactly built for swimming, but they can literally dog paddle.

The little girl Max is friends with has been wanting to jump off a dock for a while now. She’s finally summoned up the courage and is standing on the edge. Ever-faithful Max is by her side, of course. The girl makes the leap and seconds later, Max is in the water with her. For him, it’s a chance to do well by doing good: enjoying a swim, playing with his favorite human, and all the while making sure she’s okay!

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Little Girl Has Her Own Personal Lifeguard: A German Shepherd...