Chunk The Bulldog Puppy Gets A New Bed And He Can’t Contain His Excitement

Chunk The Bulldog Puppy Gets A New Bed And He Can't Contain His Excitement

Chunk, the little English bulldog puppy, received a new memory foam bed for Christmas, and he couldn’t be happier about it. The adorable dog went crazy as soon as he gets on top of his brand new crib, bouncing back and forth all over it.

What’s a better place to go crazy than a new, better, and bouncier bed? The little pup was so ecstatic about his new bed that he wore himself out after just a few minutes. Is it just me or his happiness contagious?

You can’t help but feel happier for watching this adorable puppy get so excited about his new bed. It is almost like Chunk is looking for buried treasure as he makes sure he puts his little paws on every bit of his new digs.

Chunk’s mom and dad must absolutely adore him and were clearly excited about him being so excited, too. I, for one, am quite happy they decided to capture this moment on camera. Don’t miss this perk-you-up video below.

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