Maltese Howls To Silence Crying Baby, See How He Does It…

It’s a very frustrating situation for every parent of a young baby ” when they are crying and there’s no way to stop the tears. You try everything – you rock them, you burp them, you play music, you walk around with them – the list is endless. Eventually, the baby is going to have to tire themselves out and fall asleep that way. One video from Japan, though, seems to show one novel way to quiet those tantrums.

We see a cranky baby lying on his back on a mat. There’s a Maltese near him. Of course, the mommy or daddy is VERY close, since they are filming this little episode between the two. The baby cries and the Maltese then tilts his head back and lets out a long howl. That quiets the baby – until the doggie stops. Then there’s another crying fit – and another howl. This continues until the end of the video.

It’s like a back-and-forth between the two – or a call-and-answer. Well, in this case, it’d be a cry-and-answer. The baby cries and the Maltese responds in kind with a howl. Perhaps they are communicating to each other. I’ve written about other videos where babies have seemed to have conversations with dogs. What would be said here? ‘Wah!’ ‘C’mon! Gooooo to sleep!’ ‘Wah!’ ‘I’m getting really tired here and I want to curl up and rest!’ That last one was from the longer howl –

I wonder if the baby knows that the Maltese will howl when he cries, so he may do it to get the pooch to respond in kind. The baby goes quiet way too fast, which makes me think that this sort of thing regularly happens. Hopefully, this little one goes to sleep so that the Maltese can get some shut eye as well. Otherwise, it may be the mommy and daddy who wind up howling into the night.

Wasn’t this so cute? I have cats, so I couldn’t have duplicated this kind of thing when my son was a baby. Have you had something similar happen? Tell us all about it in the comments. We love stories like this. Also, please ‘Like’ us on Pinterest. We’ll howl, with happiness.

Maltese Howls To Silence Crying Baby, See How He Does It...