Man helps his senior rescue dog become a puppy again

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is not easy to do alone. Fortunately, this overweight pup, Squishy, had the assistance of her new, loving fur parent to guide him to a healthier life.

When Jimmy’s 13-year-old rescue dog arrived at his home, Squishy weighed 59 pounds. “She could only move really slow,” said Jimmy. “After 200 or 300 yards, she would just sit down and not move.”

Being a few pounds overweight might be manageable, but Squishy was double the weight for her breed and size. “She was quite overweight, so she was on a couple different medications for her joints,” said Jimmy.

Jimmy was determined to give Squishy the best life possible, so he started helping her shed some pounds. He took the little one on long walks, and when she could not walk anymore, Jimmy would carry her home.

Still, Jimmy did not lose faith in his fur baby. “I would wake her up at three a.m.,” said Jimmy. “For her, it was like the hardest workout of her life, probably, and we would do it five times a week.”

Watching Squishy come out of her shell and find joy in exercising kept Jimmy motivated. “To me, it was really apparent that she was happy when she was moving,” said Jimmy.

On her thirteenth birthday, Squishy celebrated hitting her target weight of 30 pounds. Looking at how she ran and played with Jimmy, it was hard to believe she was 13. It just goes to show you what dedication and support can do.

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Man helps his senior rescue dog become a puppy again