Giant English Mastiff Really Isn’t Happy About His First Swimming Lesson

Giant English Mastiff Really Isn't Happy About His First Swimming Lesson

As you know, not every dog is a fan of swimming. While some dogs, like golden retrievers, are born to swim, others just can’t stand being in the water. Perhaps, it’s because they don’t have their feet on solid ground or for some other reason.

So when dad wants to teach his giant dog to swim in the pool, the pup is visibly scared. And by scared, I mean he is hanging on to dad for dear life – which is kind of comical considering his size. But what the man does to encourage the dog will make you smile.

As the video begins, we see a gentle giant of a dog gripping for dear life on the shoulder of his dad. Every time the man tries to lower the large pup into the pool water gently, the dog grips tighter around the man’s neck.

The man’s wife stands on the edge of the pool and encourages the dog to try swimming towards her as she sweetly calls to him. Eventually, dad is able to lower the giant dog into the water. He supports the dog from underneath as the man’s wife calls the dog over to the pool steps. We’re proud that this dog overcame his fear and actually swam across the pool. Not everyone can say they’ve conquered a fear.

Giant English Mastiff Really Isn\'t Happy About His First Swimming Lesson