Pittie gives birth to 13 puppies after being freed from a lifetime of chains

Just like humans, dogs need to spend some moments outside cages and chains. However, it is saddening that the idea of freeing dogs from chains and cages never crosses some of the pet owners, even when the feline friends need it the most.

Blue is an expectant pit bull that has spent her entire life with a chain around her neck. Unfortunately, this Pitte knows very little about pet freedom and what life feels like without a chain.

It was evident that the heavily pregnant mom with a bluish coat needed someone to save her from the chain. Luckily, Cynthia, a rescuer from Real-Time Rescue, came as the savior.

Cynthia took the bold move to negotiate with Blue’s owners to give her up for adoption. It was a joyful moment for Blue as her ‘parents’ agreed to release her for rescue.

Blue didn’t hesitate to show joyous as Cynthia freed her from the chains and escorted her from the cage. Blue’s body language was a clear indication that the feline was well aware of the occasion.

Blue couldn’t be happier as she took a trip to the vet. The Pittie was allowed to enjoy her freedom as she was assigned a whole room as her maternity suite. These blessings just came at the right time as Blue was due very soon.

The puppies came only three days after Blue was admitted to the maternity suite. The puppies came one after another until they were 13. Cynthia took the responsibility of helping the new mom get enough rest as she played nanny for the newborns. Blue’s pups grew into lovely Pitbulls and were later adopted by the deserved households.

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Pittie gives birth to 13 puppies after being freed from a lifetime of chains