“When This Playful Husky Puppy Approaches His Mother, What He Does? ADORABLE!”

Huskies are a strong, gentle and obedient breed of dog. They are known to live in Northern regions due to their thick shiny coat and their ability to adapt to snowy temperatures This mother Husky and her young puppy are apparently no different, they obviously live in a region where there is much snow, but neither of them are giving it much thought.

In fact, the adorable little puppy seems to have other things on his mind. The puppy obviously wants to play and have fun. Not uncommon for a puppy dog to want to do, but he seems to want to continue to bother his mother. The mother Husky tries to be patient with the little pup, but its obvious she would just rather lay on her mat and relax.

But this Husky is finding out that one of the things about being a parent is that there will be times when the kids need to be entertained.

If you want to see the mother Husky contend with her very active puppy watch this video then let us know what you thought by giving your opinion in the comment section below. [mashvideo]