This Police Dog Was Shot While Protecting His Partner — Don’t Miss His Heroic Act

Hundreds of dogs all across America risk their lives every day while doing their service to us alongside their fellow human partners, either in a police department, the military, or some other kind of national public service. Sometimes, they have to go through challenging situations.

While on duty back in 2014, Bruno, a German Shepard who works as a K9 service dog in the police, was shot by a violent suspect in the head. His partner, RJ Young, was very shocked by this because his life was in danger because of his protection.

He had been working in this service for six years, in the police department of Anaheim, California. Bruno’s injuries were severe since he also had a bullet stuck in his chest, and the odds of his survival were slim.

After a week of treatment and two surgeries, he was thankfully able to be saved by the incredible doctors of this pet hospital. After such a painful process, Officer Young is just glad that his friend was able to pull through and make it back to safety again.

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