Pony Defeats Obesity in an Inspiring One-Year Journey

In the far reaches of South West England, a video has emerged that captures the heart-wrenching story of an abandoned pony whose profound transformation will leave you awestruck.

Meet Dave, a five-year-old Fell pony who had fallen into the dangerous grasp of obesity after being left to fend for himself on an open grassland for nearly two years. This unfortunate creature was far from the spirited and agile pony he once was.

The dedicated team at Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset, under the aegis of World Horse Welfare, took Dave, now affectionately known as Thunder, under their wing. When he was first discovered, he could scarcely move, weighed down by excessive fat that wreaked havoc on his joints and afflicted him with Laminitis, a painful hoof condition.

But even in the face of such adversity, Thunder’s story is one of resilience and the unwavering determination of those who tended to him. Over a year, this once-neglected pony underwent a remarkable metamorphosis, shedding a staggering 220 pounds under the vigilant care of his devoted handlers.

Today, the relics of Thunder’s past are all but gone. The once prominent fat pads on his rump have vanished, and he now stands tall. This is a testament to the power of compassion and the indomitable spirit of the animal kingdom.

This incredible journey serves as a poignant reminder that no creature should suffer in silence, and seeking help for ailing animals can make a world of difference. Watch the video of Thunder’s awe-inspiring transformation, and witness the fruits of unwavering devotion for yourself.

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Pony Defeats Obesity in an Inspiring One-Year Journey