Practical Joke On A Puppy Gives A Man An Instant Karma Lesson.

From ancient times, humans have developed a natural relationship with other animals, especially kitty cats and dogs. Their company has always been a great advantage to us providing a more secure environment in our houses and giving an unconditional love to our children. In many cases, pets simply become another member of our family.

Despite what we might think, some people simply dislike animals. No matter how wonderful and loving they are this kind of persons believe that man is superior in all the senses so they rejoice themselves with the human’s evolution. That same attitude is one of the reasons why we heard so many stories about mistreating animals.

In 1966 the United States government signed as a law the Animal Welfare Act; this is the only federal law that regulates the treatment of animals in exhibitions, research, deals, and transport. The law penalizes any sign of cruelty or abuse inflicted on the animals; many states consider the violation of this law as a great felony and have established considerable fines and imprisonment punishment. But as every system in the world, there are always flaws that allow them to mistreat our little friends.

Look at this particular story for example. One man was standing at the beach with his friends when he thought it was a good idea to record how he would perform a practical joke on a homeless dog. His friends started to record the video and 5 seconds later he immediately ran after the dog to grab him from behind unguarded, but he never imagined how instant karma was going to give him a good lesson. As we already know what goes around, comes back around.

The man ran very fast and the minute he got there lost balance and fell over the sand. Our innocent canine friend didn’t even realize he was there until he stumbled upon it, almost immediately the man tried to stand up and quickly take off but he never imagined what was going to happen next.

The doggie reacted and started to bark at him chasing him all over the beach, but he was not alone. There was a pack of other 6 dogs at the beach that saw everything and chased the guy for a considerable distance until he decided to throw himself to the water avoiding being bitten by the dogs. What a foolish person, right? There is no doubt that he deserved everything and on top of that, it was all recorded on the phone.

If you want to see this hilarious moment when karma strikes back after this poor fellow, just click play on the video above and enjoy. Don’t forget to share and leave your comments!

Practical Joke On A Puppy Gives A Man An Instant Karma Lesson.