Protector, Best Friend, And Tutor, This Husky Is That Baby’s Shadow

Niko, the protective, loving husky, is forever following baby Mia around. Now that’s a guardian that’s going to make sure that his best friend and infant is forever protected. Just wait until you see how he tries to teach her to crawl.

Just as baby Mia is reaching the age to crawl, Niko, the Siberian husky notices and decides to give her a lesson. The way that this furry friend helps the little one learn the basics is incredible, and it’s blatantly clear that he is really teaching crawling.

As it turns out, crawling is one of Niko’s favorite quirky things to do when he is looking for attention. Who would have ever thought that he’d pick up on what she’s trying to do and teach her?

The whole time that this dog is besides that baby, you can see the love exuding, with the husky behaving more gently than thought possible at all times. What a great protector.

Protector, Best Friend, And Tutor, This Husky Is That Baby\'s Shadow