He Puts Wet Clay On A Pottery Wheel And Makes Magic With Patterns…

Art takes many forms. It can be a painting, a sculpture, a musical masterpiece, almost anything really. Times have changed a lot and there have been many new forms that have emerged in these times. One of them was at the half-time show at a game. He had a vey large canvas to start off with and a lot of paint cans with brushes.

He started work on the canvas as soon as the music started playing. I wouldn’t describe it as painting. The man had several instruments that he used, and it looked more as if he was splashing the paint, more than painting over the canvas. The thing is, what he was doing wasn’t really making a lot of sense. It was just blobs of paint flying everywhere.

He went at it for about 5 minutes until he was done. After he did, he had something that looked like sand or some sort of powder lying next to his brushes. Then, he threw this powder or sand on the paint and turned it upside down. When he did, he revealed a stylish painting of the American flag, along with some details that looked like soldiers below it.

Another artist that I got to see, was a street painter. He painted using aerosol cans. He used what looked like automotive paint in a spray. He had some objects that he used like cans, baskets, and trays which gave his paintings different textures within the layers. He would start by spraying what looked like a sun. He would then add layer after layer using the other objects.

At the end, he would end up with something that looked like a painting from a Sci-Fi movie. A lot of people started gathering and everyone appreciated his art. His paintings were really cheap. Two dollars for small ones and five dollars for the large ones. He used this money to get himself food and whatever he needed. A very talented artist indeed.

The artist in the next video works with clay. You would thing you have seen potters make all kinds of trays and pots by now, but I can assure you it’s nothing like this. He starts with some wet clay and music as a background. He starts working the clay with his hands, and like magic, many geometric patterns start to appear. I am sure you have never seen anything like this!

He Puts Wet Clay On A Pottery Wheel And Makes Magic With Patterns...